Why Are You Waiting on your Dreams?

A champion shows up every day to give themselves a chance when other will stay home. It’s perseverance and knowledge. Do not quit! Arm yourself with knowledge about what your desiring to become. Failure is a learning tool! Welcome them and push forward. Everything you do , do to the best of your ability. Character, will power, and confidence. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can not do something! You must pursue it! Take the risk and get out there and make the changes in your life and start living! Push through the barriers with love for your dreams.In the end of your life you will not have regrets and you will have lived your life to the fullest. No Excuses! Let it out! Don’t forget to enjoy every single moment  because it is not the destination your going or the place you start. Your happiness and joy comes every day with the ups and downs and the challenges you face and win.If it doesn’t work, Don’t cry  to fail, cry to win. How much time have you really spent working on your dreams? Keep your agreements and find supporters that are living the life you want. You can be great if you just get in the game! Find your resourcefulness and figure out how to get what you want according to the risk your willing to take.  Find something you enjoy and do that! Make a life around thing you love and are good at. Finally, It is ok to try try many adventures as you never know sometimes if you enjoy it until you try it! That is not failure my friend, that is having the guts to go for it even if everyone thinks this is just something else your not going to stick with. Regrets come from never trying, not from failing. Remember, we learn from failures. That is why millionaires have lost it all and rebuilt their fortunes multiple times. My friend, you have everything you need inside you to achieve your wildest dreams. Do not do excuses and you have have to trick your brain to think big and work smart. Pay attention to the thoughts your thinking and don’t allow it to go to the ugly place of doubt. You can do this, You are courageous , kind, full of integrity. and full of self confidence! You Got This!

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