The Mercantile Visit in Pawhuska Oklahoma

The visit was wonderful and well worth the hour wait to get in. When my sweet momma, pictured above, and myself made it to the front of the line it is customary to have your picture taken in front of the door entrance. The main door to the Mercantile is right on the corner with no wait at all. You can also do a grab n go for those on the run!

Ree was upstairs signing books while I was in line but I was not about to lose my space in it! LOL Anyhoo, once we were seated it took approximately 30 to 40 minutes for the food to arrive but it was piping hot and delish! Everyone was talking about the blackberry lemonade so that was our drink of choice. It was served in a large mason jar of course! It was not too sweet , or tart, so it was easy to drink. A+ Mom order the enchiladas and I ordered the White Lasagna. I guess we were looking for some comfort food on the cold and dreary day we arrived. It was cold and wet outside but they lit the heaters on the sidewalk for those standing in line. LOVED THAT! We arrived at 3pm on Friday Afternoon and left around 5:30pm.

Once in the store, it was stocked with items that screams Pioneer Woman! The Renovations to the old building were phenomenal! Items were priced from affordable to very pricey. Upstairs is the bakery and a huge lounging area with large windows surrounding the entire area. There is an elevator for those not able to walk the stairs.

Overall I give it an A! Worth the visit especially if you’re a fan and not to be missed if you’re in the area. If I were to change anything, I think it would be better to provide guest with the vibrating lights you get at the doctors offices so we can shop while waiting for a table and not wait outside. That would be the best of both worlds.  I will definitely return soon! Great Job Ree and Family for bring life back to Pawhuska and to Oklahoma! Love you!

Beneva McFarland