Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil Soap


Clary Sage can bring on feelings of Euphoria, Well being, and a general feeling of being excited about your life! Wow! Who doesn’t want that? It is most well known for its Aphrodisiac qualities by increasing libido and sexual desire. Wow! Benefit #2! It also has been proven to balance and regulate the natural oils in your skin providing you with glowing beautiful skin especially when mixed with a really light oil for maximum absorption! Benefit #3! With all of these benefits why not get a little of this every day in our wonderful and natural Handmade Artisan Soap! Our Country Meadows has Clary Sage as well as 7 other beneficial essential oils. Get yours at The Artisan Soap Company at Disclaimer: I of course am making no claims of healing properties of any essential oils used in any of my soaps because of the rules of the FDA. I suggest you do your own research on the qualities and dangers of using essential oils and discontinue use if you have any ill effects immediately.


10 Ways to Reduce Stress#10

This is the last and probably the #1 way to reduce the amount of stress in your life if you can master it. You see, many never do and by human nature, even the ones that are really good at it sometimes are not able to do this all the time. We are humans after all. The #10 way to reduce stress is to master Acceptance to the highest level you can achieve. I know that my faith in GOD has helped me to know that my job is to be the best person I can be and strive for that daily. That may include really looking into the ugly parts of myself knowing that I have so much work to do to become the woman I want to be. With that, I have to look at others and to know that they are living their own kind of beautiful and everyone is at their own level. When things happen in our lives its all about letting it pass without grabbing hold for too long. Learn to ACCEPT and forgive and let it go. When the good comes around, be thankful and cherish that experience as well. “It is what it is” is what I always say. Try to have peace in the midst of trials and grateful in good times. In the beginning of a terrible situation, Yes grieve, cry, stomp, get it out but then gently come back to your center of faith and know that this too shall pass. I love you all and remember to “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”  brought to you by http://www.theartisansoapcompany.commountains-hd-widescreen-high-resolutions-backgrounds-wallpapers-laptop-desktop-058

10 Ways to Reduce Stress #9

This is the 9th way to Reduce Stress in your life!

Find a hobby if you do not already have one. Hobbies are a great way to give your mind a break from the stress in your life. One of mine are horses. Horses are fantastic because you have to be fully present when around them. Many do not realize this but studies have show that horses actually try to match our heartbeats. They are incredibly intuitive and therapeutic animals and have help countless people with mental and emotional problems overcome them in the correct setting.  Knitting, crocheting , sports, bowling, reading, crafts,….Anything to give your mind a pleasurable escape. Try it you will like it! Remember to “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” everyday.
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10 Ways to Reduce Stress #8

This has to be the easiest one of them all. “SMILE”. Yep, you heard me right! When we smile it tells your mind to release our happy endorphin’s, dopamine and Serotonin  which are natural pain relievers and feel good properties.This relaxes your body and can even reduce your blood pressure. That is it! “Smile Away”!

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#7 Ways to Reduce Stress

#7  Do something nice for someone else. Pay it forward at the drive thru at your favorite restaurant. If you overhear someone mention that they can’t afford an item, consider paying for it. Deliver a goodie basket to someone “Just Because”.  Start listening to others for the sole purpose of finding out something you can do for them. Helping others is a great way of reducing your stress level by feeling better about yourself and taking the focus off us and our perceived  problems. If your income is tight try making something or offer to babysit if needed. Just find something to help others and never under estimate the value of a smile and a kind word. It really is the best after all! Love you and remember to be your own kind of Beautiful! The rest of this series can be found on

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10 ways to Reduce Stress

#6   Give yourself permission to take the day off. Turn off your phones and computers and unplug! Binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix or sleep all day if that is your choice! Grab a cup of Hot Chocolate, Tea or your favorite beverage and cuddle up and enjoy yourself with  no agendas or plans. A mini staycation is what I call it! Try it and I think this may be your favorite of them all. I am excited about sharing the last 4 ways to reduce stress with you! Your Awesome!193e37_600ee93c355f4f438881d78a32b194de

10 Ways to Reduce Stress

#5 Learn to meditate. By meditating I mean to sit down in a comfortable position in a quiet area. Close your eyes and breath in through your nose, hold for 5 seconds, and out through your mouth for 5 seconds. You can think of a mantra you like or a prayer. Maybe thinking of all the things your grateful for. As you start noticing the benefits you can increase the duration. Maybe add some nice calming music and an essential oil diffused to really make the meditation effective. # 6 through #10 on the way! I hope the previous ideas have helped you be your best! All my love!

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