Lemon Drop

100% Pure Essential Oils and All Natural colorants are used in this Beautifully Formulated Soap that is good for your skin! Wonderfully moisturizing as well!


This is a refreshing soap that screams Fresh Squeezed Lemons. This is one of my personal favorites as it is so refreshing and brings happiness to my mornings.
The health benefits of Lemon essential oils are vast but here are a few. In regards to skin care, Lemon oil is a good remedy for increasing the luster of dull skin. It acts as an astringent and is detoxifying in nature. It rejuvenates sagging and tired skin. Lemon is recommended in reducing excessive oil on the skin
As a stress reliever it is calming in nature and removes mental fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, nervousness and tension. It can refresh the mind by removing negative emotions. It is believed that inhaling lemon oil may help in concentration and alertness. It can therefore be used as a room fresher in offices to increase the efficiency of the employees.

The Artisan Soap Company: Click here to visit our website

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